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Friendly staff, expert advice.

At Parkhall, we pride ourselves on our customer service, offering expert advice for your garden all-year-round. From landscaping projects to finding the right shrub for a shady corner, we can help you realise your dream garden.

We offer delivery to the vast majority of Cambridgshire on our own van, so we can ensure our trees and plants are delivered in good condition. For more information, use the menu below.


Expert, friendly advice.

We have knowledgeable, helpful and friendly staff always on hand offering expert advice on all your gardening needs. Our family run business can help with choosing the right trees and plants for your garden plus advice on planting, staking of trees and all aftercare. 

Delivery Service

Often free to the local area.

We offer delivery on all our garden products, from bagged stone & compost, to large tree and shrub orders. We handle all our own deliveries on our own van to ensure our products arrive to you in the condition you see them on site. 

Delivery is usually free to the local area, normally arriving within 7 days of your order. Some areas that are further afield can occasionally take up to 14 days for delivery.


Some delivery charges do apply for smaller orders or more distant addresses, more information is available in store.


We try to avoid any delivery charges to our customers where possible, which is why for smaller orders our staff are available to help you load your car. 

Autumn Tree & Hedging Ordering

Bare-rooted, Root-ball & Container Grown.

From September, our selection of bare-rooted trees and hedging is available to order. We are able to order from a wide selection of trees and hedging from our supplier, meaning our customers can order specific trees subject to availability.


Trees are available at a slight discount from their container grown counterparts, making this the perfect way to but trees in quantity or for buying more unusual varieties.


Deciduous hedging such as hawthorn and beech are always a fraction of the price of their container grown counterparts, often sold for as little as £1-£2 per plant.

Other evergreen hedging is available throughout the year, but the best availability is in late summer to early autumn. Please make your enquiries in early summer to avoid disappointment.


Plant Ordering

Find specific plants you're looking for.

At Parkhall, we pride ourselves on our customer service. That's why if you're looking for a specific plant that isn't commonly available, we'll do our best to source the exact plant for you.

If we can't find the plant you're looking for, we'll aim to find a very similar variation for you. Just check in store for more details.

Hanging Basket Re-fills

Book to re-fill last year's baskets*

If you were pleased with the quality of you're hanging baskets from us this year, why not get them re-filled by the people who made them?

*We can refill any baskets previously bought from us, for as little as £15. Place your orders from April.

Assembled Delivery

No more self-assembly.

Tired of assembling flat-packed furniture in your garden? We offer our customers the chance to have their purchased furniture delivered to them fully assembled for as little as £20 with delivery included.


Prices vary depending on product and delivery location. Large bulky furniture items may take longer to deliver. Unfortunately we cannot offer to build the furniture in your garden, so please ensure any gates or entrance ways are wide enough for the fully assembled product before using this service.

Christmas Trees & Wreaths

Get your premium grade tree from us.

We only stock premium grade non-drop Nordmann Fir (Aibes nordmanniana), displayed un-netted to allow you to chose the perfect tree for your house.

This is a non drop variety that should hold its needles throughout the festive period. Prices start from £40 and can be netted for collection or delivered free locally. 


Don't want your tree inside too early? Tag a tree in November for collection or delivery closer to Christmas!

Wreaths are also available, decorated with Nordmann Fir and our very own holly grown on site.

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