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Here at Parkhall, we pride ourselves on the quality, value and variety of plants we have to offer. From rare shrubs and trees to our huge range of home-grown bedding, you're sure to find the perfect plants for your garden.



 We actively grow and produce a wide range of larger, more mature shrubs for those customers who desire a more instant effect. Because our specimens are grown on site rather than bought in, they represent amazing value for money. Our range is constantly changing to give you a fantastic choice of large evergreen & deciduous shrubs all year round, from common landscaping plants to our rare and unusual specimens, sure to spruce up any garden.




 We display one of the largest selections of trees of any garden centre in Cambridgeshire, stocking well over a hundred different varieties of native and ornamental trees with specific trees available for order in the autumn. We grow the vast majority of our trees from bare-rooted stock on site, representing fantastic value for money with 2m trees starting from as little as £25. This great value caries through to our larger specimens, as most are grown-on on site, offering trees anywhere from 2-6m in height, perfect for instant screening.


 Our range includes Acers (maples), Betula (birch), Cornus (dogwoods), Crategus (ornamental hawthorn), Carpinus (hornbeam), Eucalyptus, Fagus (beech), Liquidambars,(Sweetgum), Magnolias, Prunus (ornamental cherry), Malus (crab apple), Pyrus (ornamental pear), Populus (poplar), Sorbus (mountain ash) and many more.

 Delivery is available for larger trees, please see our services page for more details.


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 We grow 99% of all our bedding on site with over 50,000 plants produced every year. This means we can keep quality high, and prices low. We provide a wide range of spring/summer bedding & basket plants in 10.5/9cm pots, as well as 6/12 pack bedding for mass displays and large borders. We vary our range slightly every year to give our customers the very latest new varieties and colours. Our range includes geraniums, begonias, dahlias, calibrachoas, petunias, pansies, violas, fuchsias, osteospermums, dianthus, various leafy trailers, marigolds, salvias, nicotianas, lobelias & verbena to name but a few.


 In autumn we move on to hardy 6 pack primula, pansy and viola plants as well as autumn mixes of small evergreen plants for baskets. Again, our 6 pack bedding is all grown on site, so will always be much better value than garden centres who buy in all their stock. 



 We sell a wide range of smaller shrubs fully container grown in 1-3 litre pots. This is a great place to start planning your borders if you are new to gardening. All plants are fully labelled with bed cards explaining soil, aspect and temperature requirements. These include; 

Evergreen -

Shrubs that hold their leaf all year round, essential plants for winter interest in your garden. We stock over 50 different varieties throughout the year, from Aucubas to Viburnums, with many options for shade to full sun.

Deciduous -

Shrubs that shed their leaf in winter, but often boast the more showy flowers and fantastic autumn colour. Up to 40 different varieties on display including Buddleja, Hibiscus, Hydrangea, Wiegela and many more.

Perennials -

Classic cottage plants that die down to ground level over the winter, and re-shoot in spring. These plants offer a wide range of showy flowers to brighten up any garden. We stock a wide range of 1 and 3 litre perennials throughout the spring and into summer with specific plants available to order. 

Roses - 

We grow all our own 3 litre roses from bare-rooted stock, meaning we can offer fantastic value for money on our roses with nearly all varieties at only £7.50 a plant. We stock over 70 different types of rose with specific roses available to order in late autumn. 

Conifers -

Mainly evergreen shrubs, these plants come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, with some such as Italian Cypress, Juniper 'Blue Arrow' and Taxus standishii adding structure and height to your garden with their tall and narrow silhouettes. Others offer dense ground cover or can be used as ideal plants for patio containers such as Chamaecyparis 'Curly Tops' or Podcarpus 'Red Embers'.

Our range includes 2-3 litre plants as well as our larger 'grown on site' plants in 5-10 litre pots, representing great value for money for instant effect.

Climbers - 

These mostly vigorous plants are a great way to cover an ugly wall or fence quickly, with many varieties growing over 2m a year. Options include clematis, jasmine, honeysuckle, boston ivy and the ever-popular evergreen Trachleospermums to name but a few.

Grasses  -

We offer a wide variety of ornamental grasses that can offer anything from a delicate addition to a border or patio to an architectural statement piece. Our range includes a mixture of evergreens and perennials with the best range being available during the spring/summer months. 

Alpines - 

We sell a wide selection of alpines singly or in six packs, all fully hardy and perfect for any rockery or dry sunny border. Our range inclused rockery alpines, sedums and sempervirens, and look fantastic when coupled with our decorative stones and boulders.


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 We display a wide range of fruit trees & vegetable plants throughout spring/summer, Our fruit tress are available either as small quarter standards or taller trees 2-3m, and include apples, pears, cherry, apricot, quince and plum trees. Other types of fruit are available to order in October subject to availability. We also offer small fruit bushes throughout the spring including raspberry, blackberry, tayberry, strawberry, gooseberry and more.

 We offer an extensive range of vegetable plants in strips from March through to July, with many available to order week by week including courgettes, cucumbers, lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots and more. This range is accompanied by a fantastic range of herbs, with many more unusual types available to order.


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 We actively stock a wide range of hedging suitable shrubs throughout the year, from slow growing Buxus through to vigorous Lleylandii. Laurel and bare rooted native deciduous hedging is available to order in autumn. Other evergreen hedging can be ordered throughout the year, with the best availability being late summer in to autumn. Please enquire in store for more information.



 Houseplants are an increasingly popular way to brighten up any room in the house, and have been associated with bringing down stress levels, improving mood and filtering toxins from within the home. We our actively increasing our range of houseplants year on year, with a good variety of plants being available from April through to October. Our range includes calatheas, citrus, palms, weeping figs, rubber plants, dracenas and many more, with the range varying throughout the year. Staff are available for advice and to help you choose the right plants for your home. We also stock a range of flytraps including sundew traps, pitcher plants and venus flytraps, as well as stocking a variety of succulents, perfect for sunny window sills.



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