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Statues & Ornaments 

We display a varied selection of statuary to suit all gardens and tastes, from small ornaments all the way up to 2m metal sculptures. Our products are available in a number of different materials including traditional concrete, new polymer marble resin & metal.

Where possible we look to more niche suppliers to give you products you won't see at other garden centres. See below to find out more.

(For Garden Mirrors, Trees of Life & Plant Stands, please see our Giftware page)


White marble-polymer resin

Our Dinova Garden Art Range is a stunning mix of traditional and contemporary statues, cast from a variety of high quality durable non-halogenated polyester resins mixed with marble dust. This produces a beautiful terrazzo marble effect. Each article is then carefully hand finished to produce a beautiful finished article that will grace any garden or patio space.

The Contemporary range has been particularly popular in recent years, with statues standing out beautifully amongst all sorts of foliage.


No quibble frost-proof guarantee

Melmar Stone are made using the finest materials and finished with traditional craft skills to ensure the finishes are amongst the hardest and most durable available.

We specialise in their wide range of high quality bird baths and sundials. These are available in a traditional antique grey finish or a cream 'Cotswold' finish. These are available in a range of designs to perfectly complement your own garden design.


Family run, high quality stoneware

A market leader in design and construction of cast stone ornaments, Oakleystone produce a huge range of ornate stoneware. From birdbaths to buddhas, ornate to contemporary, there's something for everyone in their range. High quality moulds ensure that each statue retains the detail intended by the original sculptor. 

The range includes Buddhas, pagodas, birdbaths, Easter Island Heads and many more. Other items from the range can be ordered subject to availability.

Delivery is available for larger items, though generally statues travel better in personal vehicles. Staff on site are more than happy to help you load your vehicle.


Fantastic range of large metal sculptures

Amongst other giftware, Bakers offer a variety of durable metal sculptures up to 2.8m in height. These statues have been very popular over the last few years, making for fantastic statement pieces in any garden.

From elephants to dragons, there's something to suit any style of garden. 

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