Garden Essentials

At Parkhall we aim to provide you with an extensive range of sundries that cover all your garden needs. Use the menu below to see a sample of what is available at our centre.


UK produced steel plant supports

A local family run business, Poppyforge manufacture high quality handmade garden products. Unlike other suppliers, who tend to use plastic coating, they use highly weather-resistant black polyester powder coating on their premium products. This means their obelisks remain rust free year after year.

Poppyforge are pioneers of the 'Ready 2 Rust' range, a wide variety of support hoops, conical supports, bell cloches and obelisks that have an outer coating designed to rust naturally. These blend beautifully into any garden, and have a softer look that the bright green coating often used. 


UK produced plant supports

A signature range from Tom Chambers, there is a style to suit every garden. From traditional to more contemporary designs, all obelisks and trellis are hand crafted here at in the UK.

The range includes both plastic coated and bare steel designs, representing fantastic value for money. From decorative metal wall trellis to the exciting range of large flower supports, there's something for everyone in the Tom Chambers collection.


Decorative square & lattice trellis

All products are produced from pressure treated FSC pine, and offer a 20 year guarantee against rot. We provide all our products in a natural green finish to ensure that where possible, all styles can be used interchangeably throughout your garden.

Our products include traditional decorative fan, square & lattice trellis, with larger sizes available to order. Delivery is available on all items with some charges for smaller orders.


For all your core gardening needs.

Growing Media

We stock a full range of compost for planting all round your garden. From our ever popular 60L Durstons Multi-purpose compost to our more specialist ranges, all bases are covered here at Parkhall.


Our best selling 60L Multi-purpose with added John Innes is the ideal compost for containers and is used in our own nursery to re-pot and grow on our specimen shrubs and trees. We also now actively stock peat-free alternatives including 60L New Horizon Multi-purpose and Vegetable Growing composts, with the hope of reducing peat based composts to zero in the future.


Our staff are always on hand to provide assistance loading compost into your vehicles, and our collect as you leave system means you don't have to wheel around heavy trolleys on site. 


Garden fertilisers offer a quick and easy way to enhance  tired beds & containers, from root enhancing bone meal to foliage greening Epsom Salts. We stock the full compliment of straight feeds, garden fertilisers & liquid plant foods from brands such as: Miracle Gro, Gro Sure, Tomorite & Empathy Root Grow.

Whether you need the more instant response provided by liquid feeds, or the slow release provided by straights, we're certain you'll find something to suit your needs in our shop. Staff are on hand to advise you at all times.


Seeding, weeding, feeding.

Keeping your lawn looking healthy and weed free can seem like an impossible task. However, with the right use of natural or chemical treatments, anyone can achieve a weed-free, lush green lawn.

We stock a variety of lawn seed from standard multi-purpose to Gro-sure's 'Smart Lawnseed', guaranteed to grow in a variety of tough conditions. Our 35L Value Topsoil is perfect for sowing fresh seed, providing protection from birds and warmth for germination.

When it comes to weeding and feeding, both natural 'Child & Pet Friendly' & 'Aftercut All In One' options are available, to suit everyone's needs.


For all aspects of pest management

You'll find weed and insect killers for a variety of pests at our centre, whether it be treating a few rogue weeds to a sudden outbreak of greenfly. As we move to s more chemical free future in the coming years, we will remain at the forefront providing our customers with the latest natural preventatives and deterrents.

Brands available include: Round-up, Rose/Fungus/Bug Clear, Weedol, Resolva, Deadfast & Growing Success among others. Please see our full range in store.


High-quality tools, affordable prices.


If you love gardening, you'll want the best possible tools for every garden task. Fiskars, a 365 year old company committed to quality, work hard to make sure you have those tools at hand. Whether you are weeding, chopping, sweeping or pruning, our tools make things easier and more efficient year in, year out.

Fiskars now supply all of our cutting range, everything from tree loppers to floral snips, and offer some of the best quality and prices on the market.

Kent & Stowe

Kent & Stowe garden tools offer an expertly handcrafted range of gardening products. Their tools are made from either high quality stainless or carbon steel with strong FSC® certified ash wooden handles. These come with 10 or 15 year guarantees respectively.


All of our non-cutting tools are available from Kent & Stowe, with everything from lawn rakes to border forks. 

New for 2021 is the Capability Trowel, an all-in-one trowel that acts as a garden knife and transplanter. Pop in store to get yours.


50 years of watering innovation

Above-ground irrigation is the easiest way to water your plants and lawn. Many companies offer very cheap, but often short lived solutions. However at Parkhall, we water most of our site by hand, so we know how important proper irrigation is.


Claber offer high-quality, efficient and long-lasting hoses, attachments and sprinklers. Other larger products are available to order, just contact us for details.


Brighten up your home with summer bedding

We provide a wide range of pre-made hanging baskets, filled to the brim with our home-grown bedding. However, if you like to make up your own baskets, all the components are available to buy separately. 

We provide woven hanging baskets, liners, decorative brackets and more. Check in store, and make up your baskets for summer!


Jump into grow your own.

Mr Forthergill's seeds supply the very best quality gardening products. Choose from our extensive selection of flower and vegetable seeds. Whether you’re new to home gardening or a seasoned expert, Mr Fothergill’s will supply you competitively priced high quality products.

Our bulbs are available in spring and autumn, with a wide selection of pre-bagged daffodils, tulips and other flowering perennials. 


For all your core gardening needs.

We stock a basic range of garden sundries, including string, wire, thermometers, plant labels, plant ties and more!