Please visit the Meadowview Website ( ) to see photos of bagged stone available. All bags are 20kg, coverage approximately 3 per square metre.

Please visit the Grange Website ( ) to view images of fencing and trellis available. 

£3.95 or 3/£10 (£3.33 each for 4 or more)


Sharp Sand

Soft Sand 

10mm Washed Gravel

20mm Washed Gravel

Play Sand     £4.99 or 3/£14 (£4.66 each for 4 or more)

£4.95 or 3 /£13 (£4.33 each for 4 or more)

Black Slate 20mm/40mm

Blue Slate 20/40mm

Green Slate 20/40mm

Plum Slate 20/40mm

Berwyn Green

Black Chippings

Cheshire Pink

Cotswold Buff

Ebony Black

Eco Aggs  Silver Ice

Eco Aggs Midnight Blue Mini Slate

Eco Aggs Terracotta

Gold Coast

Grey Limestone

Horticultural Potting Grit Eco 1-4mm

Horticultural Pea Gravel 10mm 

Horticultural Potting Grit Pink 2-4mm

Red Granite


Shingle Beach

Yorkshire Cream

£6.50 each:

Polar Ice 20mm

Black Ice 

Arctic White

Flamingo Stones

Highland Pebbles

Scottish Pebbles

Scottish Cobbles

£8.50 each:

White Cobbles

Flamingo Pebbles


Broadway Paving Slab 450mm- £3.59 or 4/£14 (£3.50 each)

Small Log Stepping Stones - £7.99 or 5/£38 (£7.60 each)

Bronte Round Stepping Stone - £4.99 or 3/£14 (£4.66 each)

Bronte Random Stepping Stone - £7.99 or 2/£14.99 (£7.49 each)

Large Log Stepping Stones - £8.99 or 3/£26 (£8.66 each)

Wood Effect Sleepers - £14.99 or 3/£44 (£14.66 each)


Please be aware that not all products may be in stock at any one time so please bear with us while we check availability of your orders. 

All our products are natural wood (green) colour unless stated otherwise.

Fence Panels          £29.99 (Double batton for durability, 6 x 6ft)

                                                                   Currently out of stock.

2in2 6ft Posts            £5.99

2in2 8ft Posts            £6.99

3in2 6ft Posts           £10.00

3in2 8ft Posts           £12.00

1 x 6ft Heavy Duty Trellis             £10.99

2 x 6ft Heavy Duty Trellis            £14.99 

3 x 6ft Heavy Duty Trellis            £19.99 

4 x 6ft Heavy Duty Trellis            £24.99 

6 x 6ft Heavy Duty Trellis            £34.99 

Heavy Duty Fan Trellis                £17.99   (Tan Colour, 3 x 6ft)

Heavy Duty Small Fan Trellis       £11.99   (Tan Colour, 2 x 3ft)

Alderley Dome Trellis  £19.99 (2 x 6ft)

1 x 6ft Alderly Trellis   £19.99

2 x 6ft Alderly Trellis   £24.99 

3 x 6ft Alderly Trellis   £29.99 

Fan Alderly Trellis       £29.99 (2 x 6ft)

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