Some of our bedding is now rooted through and ready for sale though not yet ready to go outside due to risk of frost. However you can order to grow in your own greenhouses or sunny conservatory.



We sell our bedding as:

6 Pack & 12 Pack - Any mixture of 6 or more.

9cm Pots - Full mixed trays of 18 only.

(Can include tomatoes and strawberries).

10.5cm Pots - Full mixed trays of 12 only.

1ltr & 3ltr - Any Quantity.

These are the plants currently available:

9cm Bedding Plants     £1.45 each

Trailing Basket Plants:

 Lysimachia Midnight Sun (Dark leaf, yellow flower)

 Lysimachia nummularia Gold (Creeping Jenny)

 Nepeta (Fragrant variegated foliage, true trailer)

 Indian Mint (Fragrant green foliage, true trailer)

 Convolvulus  sobaticus (Blue flower, true trailer)

 Hedera Helix Silver (Ivy)

 Bacopa (Pink, White or Blue)

 Dichondra Silver Falls (True trailer)

Trailing Fuchsia Southern Belles (Larger flowers):

 Bella Rosella (Light pink outer, dark pink inner)

 Deep Purple (White outer, deep purple inner)

 Seventh Heaven (White outer, bright pink inner)

 Quasar (White outer, lilac inner)


 Pink Galore (Light pink)

  Snowburner (Red outer, white inner)


Trailing Fuchsia:

 Ballet Girl (Red outer, white inner)
 Auntie Jinks (Light pink outer, dark pink inner)
 Lauren (Pale Pink)

 Harry Grey (White)

 Eva Borg (Light pink outer, Purple inner)

 Jean Taylor Red outer, light pink inner)

Trailing Petunia: MORE DUE SOON

 Creme de Cassis 

 Rose Rim

 Rim Magenta

 Rim Cherry

 Rose Vein

 Dark Heart

 Double Petunia:  (Tumbelinas)



 Crazy Ripple  


 Caramel Yellow


 Sunray Pink




 Bright Red

 Black Cherry (Black)

 Deep Yellow


 Light Pink


 Sunrise (Yellow with orange flecks)

 Sunlight (White, yellow centre)

 Starlight Blue (Blue, yellow centre)

 Strawberry Punch (Pink, dark centre)


 Double Apricot

 Double Pink Mania

 Double Provence Blue

 Double Wine Red

 Double White

 Double Pinktastic (Light pink, dark centre)

Upright Fuchsia:

 Icy Pink

 Koralle Fulgens (Long thin flower, bronze tinged leaf)

 Waltz Jubelteen (Two tone pink)


 Happy Wedding Day (White)

 Mandarin Cream (Orange and White)

Hardy Fuchsias (Upright, Perennial)

 Genii (Yellow leaf, Pink/Purple Flower)

 Tom West

  (Pink/green/cream variegated leaf, Purple/pink flower) 

 Dollar Princess (Double flower Purple inner, pink outer)

 Garden News (Dark Pink/Light Pink)

 Delta Sarah (White/Blue)

 Snowcap (Red/Pale pink)

 Plectranthus (Fragrant variegated leaf, upright)

10.5cm Bedding Plants     £1.95 each

Trailing Ivy Leaf Geraniums:

 SOLD OUT (More due mid-May)

Upright Geraniums:

 Zonal Summer Twist Red

 Zonal Summer Twist Red/White



 3D Banana Shake (Yellow/white, red centre)


 Compact FlowerPower White

 3D Purple

Compact FlowerPower Purple Sun (Orange, purple centre)


1Ltr Bedding Plants                     £2.95 each


 Elegance Tony

 Elegance Aristo Schoko (NOT READY)

Lupins Gallery Mixed

6 Pack Bedding Plants           £1.95 per pack

Bellis Bellisima Mix  

Dahlia Figaro Mix


Daybreak Mix

Tiger Mix


 Lemon Zest


 Marvel Mix (African)

 Marvel Yellow (African)

 Durango Bee


 Express Mix

 Candyfloss Mix


 Magic Carpet Mix


Cuba Bright Red

Cuba Mix


Salvia Vangaurd (Red)


 Quartz Red w/ Eye

 Merlot Mix


12 Pack Bedding Plants       £1.95 per pack

Trailing Lobelia:

 Fountain Lilac

 Fountain Rose

 Fountain Mix

 Regata Mix


Upright Lobelia:

  White Lady

 Mrs Clibran (Blue, white centre)

 Rosmande (Dark Pink)

 String of Pearls (Mixed colours)


3Ltr Bedding Plants                   

Trixis: Not yet ready 

 Early Sunset (Calibrachoa, peach, yellow, red)

 Early Soda (Calibrachoa, purple, yellow, white)

 Early TriColour (Calibrachoa, pink, white, blue)

 Hot Petticoat (Double Calibrachoa , yellow, red, purple)

Alstromeria: Not yet ready

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